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Innovative Video Training Programmes

RPI was providing training design and delivery to an emerging Democratic Police Service in a conflict-afflicted state. Initially, our trainers were able to provide face to face training in a neighbouring country, with the delegates crossing the border for each delivery.

When border crossings became impossible due to the increasingly challenging conflict, we were asked to come up with a solution that would enable the programme to keep delivering against its objectives.

RPI designed and produced video training programmes, in the language of the end-user, which enabled the Police Trainers to deliver the training locally. We used the specialist skills of Southpoint Films and the skills of our own trainers to write the scripts for each session, which included trainer notes, screen prompts, classroom exercises and discussions, all built around a video. Actors and props were tailored to add realism, venues were chosen for the correct atmosphere and our own translators prepared the scripts, screenwriting, and recorded the voice-overs.

Our Video Training Products were supplied in electronic form, for easy distribution. They were branded with the end user’s own logo’s and identity and provided the trainers with an enduring product which they were able to use time and again, reducing travel time when borders were open and cost to the donors.

RPI have a library of over 60 videos covering subjects from Basic Police Recruit Training, Decision Making, Use of Force, Crime Scene Response, First Aid and Trauma Management, IED and UXO Awareness, Equality and Diversity, Custody,  Community Problem Solving and numerous others. Please contact us if you need off the shelf products, which can be translated into any language, or a bespoke training programme created for your own requirements.

See the example video below.

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